Jun 8, 2010

The Rosewood Thieves

One of the most under-appreciated bands out there, The Rosewood Thieves have written some gems over the years. I don't pretend to understand how trends tip, but surely the Rosewood Thieves have hovered on the precipice for the last couple of years. The recent addition of a slide guitarist has rounded out their sound. Here's hoping for a resurgence of the The Rosewood Thieves.

Untitled #1

I was shocked I was shocked I was so surprised,
The things I was seeing looking in her eyes.
Mmm, the first time, looking at that long lost lover of mine.

We were walking, we were walking and the rain was coming down.
The sun was setting, the lightning lit the ground.
My mind just wandered around, she’s the best thing I’d ever thought about.

No matter what you say, you know I’m not afraid of letting her see me fall.
It’s just a little strange thinking about all of those days we didn’t know each other at all.

Quite saying that you love me and I’ll stop saying it to you,
No I won’t come around no more if you don’t want me to.

It looks like you got your own, your own life.
Baby don’t you worry about me tonight.

1 comment:

  1. The Rosewood Thieves - "Untitled" video.

    This is a very mellow song...enjoyed it. Took me a second to adjust to the singers voice (I thought it wasn't right for the song at first), but after the song went on, it wasn't so bad. (Seemed the singer's voice was "too loud" in comparison to the music...a little overwhelming for the rest).