Jul 2, 2010

Delta Spirit at Music Hall

When Delta Spirit percussionist Brandon Young first spotted Matthew Vasquez, the band's energetic lead vocalist, he was, "Busking loudly on a bench at two in the morning." It wasn't quite two in the morning, but last night I had the privilege of catching Delta Spirit perform a tour de force at the Music Hall of Williamsburg. Hot off the release of their critically acclaimed second album, “History from Below”, Delta Spirit kicked off their set with an abridged version of “People, Turn Around” and quickly shifted into “Bushwick Blues”. The crowd erupted in a frenzy, seeing that we were only a mile or two from Bushwick.

The evening continued with songs off their first album, "Ode to Sunshine", like "Strange Vine" and "People C'Mon", mixed in with material from "History from Below". Their performance of "Vivian" was the emotional highlight of the evening. Vasquez introduced the song by saying it was an ode to his grandmother and that it is, "The most important song I'll ever write."

The concert ended with a surprise ticker-tape infused rendition of the Isley Brother's "Shout". Vasquez dropped down into the crowd, had everyone get down and slowly brought the crowd back up to a climax singing, "A little bit louder now...A little bit louder now..." It was the ideal ending to a joyous evening.

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  1. Looks wild, but only from the images of the video. The vids seem to be having issues and wouldn't play for me.