Jun 14, 2010

Flaming Lips block out the Dark Side of the Moon

When I saw that the Flaming lips were going to cover Dark Side of the Moon at Bonaroo I got very excited. I had high hopes this innovative group could could turn this classic into a space funk fantasy tour rivaling Easy Star's Dub Side rendition. Though the actual performance was not horrible, it was deeply disappointing. Not only because it did not live up to my own expectations but because you could hear the potential for great things in the instrumental arrangements. These hints of what could have been were drowned in sea of poor vocals and half ass showmanship. I think it's safe to say everyone on this list supports legalization but should you break up the most seamless album of all time to pronounce you're love of pot to the proverbial choir? leave that shit up to Cypress Hill and play some damn music.

I still hope they can pull this together in the studio and produced a version worth listening to. Some bands just can't do it live but there is something worth saving here. . . I hope.

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